In the profession of content development it can be important to be able to not only gather but reproduce information in a number of styles for differing audiences or publications. Writers sometimes want to produce content of a similar piece for multiple sources, and many of them rely on the assistance of an article spinner to save time and energy rewriting content by hand. The best article spinner is built on an intuitive artificial intelligence that has a deep understanding of sentences in both linguistic and grammatical contexts. The tool takes out hours of work spent on automatic or manual rewriting of content, checking for inconsistencies and also sharpening content on the level of the word.

The Chimp Rewriter program has been contributed to by academics and students from major universities such as MIT and Stanford. Their involvement has spurred research into the way language is processed naturally. From the findings the program has been designed to be more effective than any other on the market at understanding content in the way that a person does.

As a rewriting program Chimp is made more successful by its ability to access multiple sources across the web. Utilizing these sources enables writers to get a quick reference point for generating their own material. Writers use tools like these as a system for supporting their writing as well. Having access to different resources with a variety of multimedia in terms of pictures, videos, or other content can be great for helping writers develop their own articles.

In addition to making sources easily accessible, this rewriting program has a very natural approach to analyzing and rewriting words. The tools are able to check writing for errors and grammatical fluidity in an instant. On top of that the language processing ability of the program allows it to rewrite entire articles from their base content or give writers more manual control over to the changes made.

The evolution of article spinning software has been important to teaching computers how human language functions. However, it also enables writers to improve on the quality of their content and sources. Its in depth understanding of linguistics and grammar can be essential for tailoring an article to an audience based on their knowledge of the subject matter. With its versatile understanding of language, the Chimp is far more than a simple content spinner.